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1、Nursery Rhymes & Kids Cartoon (All!!) | Kiki and Miumiu | Baby Shark | Fire Truck | Top Playlist – Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs by BabyBus: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPA49Pz3BAxMDFKmtvn9MlPUKmEz2q1D1
2、BabyBus New Cartoon Series | Yummy Foods 🍔 🍟 🍦 🍩 🍹 | Donut and Cupcake | BabyBus:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPA49Pz3BAxOAFxETj88BEflIf_d9Xb5p
3、BabyBus | Car Songs 🚓 🚑 🚒 | Cars for Kids, Super Train | Vehicles for Kids:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPA49Pz3BAxOIhEYyGI-sPPqImVqshmjU

BabyBus has released four best albums for kids! Best Car Songs, Best Food Songs, Super Rescue Team, and Classics for Kids!
All the music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and more!
(🎵) Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3wRHZsr
(🍎)Apple Music: https://apple.co/3wT2jtp

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At BabyBus, our goal is to make learning a fun and imaginative experience for kids aged 2 – 6 by creating classic nursery rhymes, kid songs, and stories with 2D & 3D animations.

In the BabyBus world, KiKi, Miumiu, and their friends inspire kids to experience true friendship, care, creativity, and imagination in a fun and smart way. Through our songs and animations, kids around the world can learn about colors, letters, life skills, good habits, safety tips, and more in a fun and educational way.

In the eyes of Kiki and Miumiu, all things are alive: you can talk to animals, you can make friends with vehicles… All the activities can be enjoyed, you can experience different occupations, you can go everywhere… All the unknowns are interesting: what will be in space? Are there aliens on earth?… Join Kiki and Miumiu for the exploration of this world together!

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